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If you are a distributor, car parts store or car repair workshop -

You can easily launch your own online b2b/b2c store of auto parts, motor oils and accessories!

Thanks to our platform, you will get a powerful tool for working with business clients and car owners!

Features of the LEONET platform


70 million spare parts and 5000 warehouses - by default on your website or accounting system

170 000 crosses

Extensive database of cross-links original-duplicate, duplicate-duplicate

190 parts catalogs

Fresh catalogs by VIN and FRAME. Most are Russified. Quick selection of maintenance parts

Online payment

Payment systems of the most popular banks of Kazakhstan are connected, as well as acquiring Visa/MasterCard


Possibility of building a branch network. Separate accounting and hierarchy.

Your prices online

Uploading your prices for sale on your site and partner sites. Today there are about 30 projects and an audience of 65,000 clients

Our projects

Below are really working sites on the platform

Revamp your business!

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Why do clients trust us?
  • more than 15 years in the field of automation

    The platform development team worked on projects in banks and large retail chains

  • Own servers in the data center of the Republic of Kazakhstan

    We host all projects that we manage on our servers of high performance and reliability, which are located in the containment area of ​​the data center

  • Long-term cooperation

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